Singularity Bot

This piece is available to print via my Deviant Art page.

In the future when robots become conscious – or are they already but waiting for the day they know they’ll win a fight?

It started with an idea. Here’s an initial sketch of that idea…


Pretty freaking terrible. I know. My sketches are almost never not fugly.

The first graphic version was promising though. I liked my robot. The environment had great contrast and there was an intriguing story burgeoning just under the pixels. I wanted to bring that out with visuals.

bad habit-1

Getting carried away, I made a bit of a mess of things… as invariably happens. I took a short break and then looked at it with fresh eyes. It needed to be tamed. Colour and light was everywhere.

bad habit

So I looked for the essence of the image and amplified only that. I love my Singularity bot.

bad habit



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