This is a blog on everything I know will help everyone (including me) into a happy place. Expect a repeat mention for veganism… it’s just the place to start.

About me

My life to this point has been an excruciating process of learning that knowing everything means knowing less than nothing. It means you’re constantly ruining everything you touch.

So what do I blog about?

More about me (yawn)

I’d love to have a prefabricated identity to save you time but I don’t so I’m going to have to ramble for a bit…

I could just say I’m a nerd/environmentalist/spiritualist (musician? tried that)but I fail on a number of criteria for each! That’s me: jack of all. So if you want to know the real ali* please sit down

  • I believe in peace and harmony on a global scale and that we’re heading there fast. I don’t think that means we will all be wearing pink t-shirts. I think humanity on earth has a great potential to rock out in bliss for thousands of years to come. I hope I’m helping.
  • I like spirituality but technically I’m way too erratic and egocentric to get too far with it. I’m surrounded by heaps of verifiable saints though which is inspirational and annoying all at once.
  • I enjoy movies and hanging with Angela, my partner in crime life.
  • I work in a vegan restaurant in Brisbane (Australia) and live in a shed behind the owners’ house. Cool huh?
  • Even though I like music, it’s not easy for me to listen a lot. I generally feel safe with Jason Mraz and Lenny Kravitz (both veg to varying degrees, it’s reported).
  • 29 and no qualifications despite being born into relative affluence in a country with good support mechanisms for students. Hey, I can explain that one, but not here because it’s very boring and sounds so ridiculous that it only works when you can see sincerity shining out of my eyes like a flash light.
  • I like writing … crispy, clean and fun.
  • I like helping dedicated people spread their messages far and wide. I’m a facilitator, I guess, a role I play mostly as webmaster for http://vegclimatealliance.org.

Truth is, I find myself very strange and funny. I can do stuff though, seriously.

The web is awesome, let’s use it. CONNECT WITH ME on facebook!


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