Greetings and thanks for stopping by my digital diary.

I’m Ali, and this is where I reflect and share my thoughts on living with integrity, joy, sincerity and spirituality.

I write with a purpose. I want to inspire you to deeply enjoy your life and change the world for the better.

My home is in Brisbane Australia. It’s simple: a converted shed, full of everything we need but allowing us time to dream and create. I’m 30. That’s what I am. As for who, that’s always up in the air.

Polished posts complete with awesome quotes aren’t my thing. But I know myself pretty well and feel a great amount of empathy for other human beings struggling along when they should be flying.

Most of my brainpower is spent on questions like how to improve myself while enjoying myself more – and how to change the world at the same time as live my life. Not enough goes into the practical side of my own life.

I also blog on practical topics at Digital Empowerment, where I teach effective digital changemaking, with a focus on helping passionate and positive organizations and people embrace online opportunities and reach new heights.

Other stuff I do

I create digital homes for people, and most enjoy creating awesome handmade WordPress themes.

I’m a passionate vegan (!) and coach new and aspiring vegetarians and vegans at Veg Coach, which has a multi-author blog and community forum for your questions.


Please do. I’m on Twitter or Facebook and you can email me using the contact form.