Ali's musical creations

This is a dance floor track I had professionally released, called Let’s Go. It didn’t do to well, and I know why, but I still like most of it! 2005.


At a time I was trying to do music for commercials and films, this is my first and last attempt what was made for the trailer of the Japanese animation Princess Mononoke. 2005.


Caravan is a dark instrumental tribal piece with a moving flute melody. I think this is my all time best, overall. 2004.


I Want to Fly is a light and happy sounding drum and bass track. 2005.

alextababa’i want to fly’

Twilight Tropic is another electronic instrumental piece.


Yellowbeet is a funky electronic track with a groovy undertone, based on an unnamed old melody I redo from time to time. It’s kind of chaotic.

alextababa Yellowbeet

G-Chill is a sombre but groovy instrumental track with a global touch. 2004.


Dance 23 is a super funky atmospheric retrotronic dance track. 2005.

alextababa-Dance 23


4 thoughts on “Ali's musical creations

  1. The information you have on this blog is so good that I wouldn’t mind paying to be able to access it. But could you please do something about the spam here. It prevents me from asking questions about the subject. Great resource, anyway. Shouldn’t be complaining I guess. Lol

  2. Excellent stuff. I can not describe how much your blog has helped me in my academic research on the subject. I am now going to get top marks for sure. Thanks a million. I owe you one.

  3. Hello, not certain if it’s my computer or your web site, but your appropriate sidebar is covering some of the text in the middle of the page if that makes any sense? I’ve reloaded the page a couple of instances, and the similar factor keeps happening. I quit by from time to time and havn’t noticed this before.

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