WordPress as a Free CMS

Before you pay thousands for a content management system, take a look at WordPress – the chances are it’s got you covered.

The main advantage is that you won’t need to separately manage your blog – both it and your website are controlled through the one WordPress installation. Your site can load a homepage by default, and your blog can live in a “/blog/” directory.

The best things about WordPress

  • fast to set up
  • easy to use
  • extensible (add plugins and improve your site as you need)
  • integrated website and blog
  • focus on web standards, seo and security
  • massive and massively helpful user-base

WordPress started it’s life as the engine behind many blogs, but is now used confidently to run fully featured websites. These pages offer examples of sites that use WordPress:

Many of these themes are free! Check out the featured themes at the official WordPress gallery to get a feel of the quality available to you out of the box.

Know that you aren’t boxed in to a specific design or layout with WordPress – you can search for a theme that suits your needs, or have someone build one just for you. 30 untypical WordPress sites WebdesignerWall


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