About Ali

This blog is all about simple living and high thinking in a world that makes both difficult.

It’s very new, but I’m bound to be touching on these subjects…

  • doing what you love
  • being the best you can be
  • doing business as a soloist, freelancer, and or entrepreneur.

Expect of ideas, inspiration and practical insights to help you on your way.

Who am I?

I’m a person who wants to make things better.

The world is changing faster than ever before. The number of people is rising exponentially and our resource usage increases at an even greater rate. We are testing the limits of the system that supports us – the biosphere of Earth.

There is a solution that guarantees us a great future -connect with ourselves, the people around us, what we do. Live, work and play consciously but spontaneously. The solution, simplified, is love. So I guess this blog is really about love – dissected and applied to people like me.

I try to treat others better than I’d like to be treated. I live and let live, even animals. You’ll get a lot of that here, but don’t feel judged if that’s not you. I’m telling you how I see it, but we’re all human.

What do I do?

I bring these qualities into my professional life. At the moment I do websites over at WordPress Business Website – with a focus on micro-business and entrepreneur start-ups.

I’m also an electronic musician (a robot who makes music) and recently had a track featured on Nathan Hangen‘s Blogger Beats. In 2005 I had a track released under the Alias alextababa called Time to Rock.

Where do I do it?

I live in Brisbane, Australia but I’m a true global citizen (is that getting old yet? Hope not). I’m in my 20’s (for another two months).


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