This web site is for every person sharing the important responsibility of being on Earth today.

No doubt change will come regardless of how many people spell it out in black and white. Still, the writing is here, online, for those who need to read it. But I advise you to live the change, not theorise about it. I do both, and so do others who are writing similar things. These ideas can’t exist as ideas alone, they are born life.

It’s late at night and where I live in the city the partygoers are out in force. But there is one young man who is not having a good night. He is outside, banging furiously on the iron door to the apartment complex. There is something wrong with this guy. People have called the police, fearing he might find a way in and go berserk in our homes at 3:30am. As he bans and screams ‘fuuuuck’ at the top of his lungs, and as I lock the doors and windows, I wonder what has gone wrong in his life. I wonder what’s wrong with him and why – and how he might be diagnosed and helped.

But more than this, I feel, unmistakably, that his condition is the fault of us all. More than likely he has been or will be called a ‘failure’, a ‘deviant’, a ‘self-destructive’ person , as if his failure to cope with life was all his own fault, and none of ‘life’s’. I don’t think it is so – that’s too easy for us.

As his yelling dies off, and I venture out onto the deck to peer downstairs, I am struck with another impression, that his pain is all of our pain pulled together in one loud and abrasive syllable, and his attacks against impervious steel. Though most of us suppress such symptoms successfully, explaining away all the undesirable aspects of ‘life’, if we look hard at ourselves, we might come to voice a part of this pain.

This, ultimately, is what this site is for. This is me voicing my pain. I am punching and I am screaming, but in a different way. I try to do it in as organised a way as I can manage. Sometimes I pull it off, other times I am clearly complaining. Above all though, I wish to inspire readers who stumble across this site to dig deeper, down through the numbness, towards a heaven that we never suspected was right under our feet, above us, and in us.

The world is changing and will continue to change until we are either gone or living as we should be. ‘Critical mass’ is here, right now, already. We must face reality now, starting with ourselves. There can be no more compromises. We must move from the material to the spiritual.

Contact Alistair: alextababaatgmaildotcom (replate [at] with ‘@’ and [dot] with ‘.’)


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Alistair,
    thank you for this wonderful site and for posting a part of the interview with the Slovenian President and Master Ching Hai! You know, each person who thinks positively and spreads positive news makes a big difference to this planet and the universe at large … You are doing great, and I wish you all possible good luck and positive energy, and many blessings from the Most High! Continue the good job! Sincerely, Phenix, Austria

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