Blog Design

My WordPress themes are individually crafted. They’re my labour of love, the pride of my life, the sweat of my brow.

Yes I can help you with a basic, branded theme (the blog equivalent of bangas and mash) – but I’d rather entertain your audience with a fantasmological work of art, even if a minimalistic one.

You may not need my art right now as there are plenty of free themes around. But if you want something that really communicates your style, soul, idea, you might want to get in touch.

You don’t need Thesis, Headway or Frugal, but I can work with these frameworks if you need.

I work by word of mouth with positive and passionate people. So if you know bloggers of that persuasion, let them know what their blog can be.

Other stuff I can help with…

  • WordPress hosting
  • WordPress design (custom themes, including thesis themes)
  • WordPress tweaking (like integrating post thumbnails with your current theme)
  • WordPress troubleshooting
  • moving a WordPress blog, or another blog to WordPress
  • strategizing (uplifting your blogger soul)
  • everything MailChimp (the awesomest mailing list manager)
  • WishList membership / theme integration

How I work

For hosting and theme design work, there’s usually set a price on a project beforehand (with a satisfaction guarantee).

For smaller jobs such as theme tweaking and helping you integrate third party things like MailChimp, Paypal etc., I sell a packaged amount of time: 2 hours of help for $100, or 4 hours for $175. I advise you which you’ll need, and count the time in blocks of five minutes. If you’ve got leftovers – that means I’m your blog-designer on call. Yipee!

My work

Check out these examples of how I can help (as far as WordPress themes go…)

Kathy Divine
I was ecstatic when author Kathy Divine approached me to do her blog site. She asked for something beautiful and bright, and that’s what I gave her.

Live by Design Consulting
A membership site I made for Sydney life coach Angelo Ziaziaris in early 2010. Features:

  • a solid and clean WordPess theme
  • the membership functionality of the WishList plugin, with a login/out tab, members only menu and forum (by Simple:Press)
  • branded login/logout page.

Ali Dark (still in beta)
I made this theme starting with a photograph of my Macbook Pro it’s a work in progress. The actual blog interface is extremely pared down – no sidebar, footer or even categories or tags.

Green Your Plate
A campaign website for five affiliated groups. Matching WordPress and MailChimp themes.

Work Based Learning
Business site and blog for Australian career coach and executive consultant Sue Webster. Consulted in depth with Sue on what she needed and redesigned her site based on her vision of the future of her business.

I Executive
A business website for executive assistant and office manager Debbie Eglin. Features a front page slideshow and a clean, professional design.


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