Taking refuge in Starbucks from a crazy downpour near central station Brisbane.



Singularity Bot

This piece is available to print via my Deviant Art page.

In the future when robots become conscious – or are they already but waiting for the day they know they’ll win a fight?

It started with an idea. Here’s an initial sketch of that idea…


Pretty freaking terrible. I know. My sketches are almost never not fugly.

The first graphic version was promising though. I liked my robot. The environment had great contrast and there was an intriguing story burgeoning just under the pixels. I wanted to bring that out with visuals.

bad habit-1

Getting carried away, I made a bit of a mess of things… as invariably happens. I took a short break and then looked at it with fresh eyes. It needed to be tamed. Colour and light was everywhere.

bad habit

So I looked for the essence of the image and amplified only that. I love my Singularity bot.

bad habit



This is an illustration I have been working on as a gift for my two nieces, Frankie and Jules. The idea is that they will get the same scene with different lighting.

It was hard picking a final way to light this image. The colours and contrast has been altered using post-processing in Affinity Designer (for mac). I’m pretty happy with the result but no doubt there will be changes.

I have attempted to create a fantastic while realistic lighting for the scene creating transparent layers between objects to create a misty distance between them. The rays of light also fall amongst these layers and the objects to add depth (hopefully).

Note the giant bacteria floating around the forest. All Ghibli inspired, their incidental critters are great.

All in all an enjoyable way to pick up some new design software skills. Affinity Designer for Mac rocks.

Lighting tests (and early versions) …

The finalish image…