Types of Comments

Types of comments

There are four main types of comments, listed in order from the most desirable to the least:

  • Quality, insightful “real” comments
    These are by written people who care about your subject matter. If you’re getting mostly these, you’re doing very well.
  • Space-filling, link-building comments
    These are on-topic, but don’t really add to the conversation.
  • Link-building spam
    These comments can be mistaken for real ones, but say nothing about your topic. They’re often very generalised praise or criticism that could apply to anything written on the internet. eg: “Well done. I found the above extremely useful in setting up my new venture. I’ll be bookmarking this site for future reference.” The purpose is purely to get a link from your site to theirs to maximise search engine exposure for themselves.
  • Outright spam
    Akismet or other anti-spam plugins will make sure you never, ever even lay eyes on this type of comment.


What type of comments are these? Don’t be fooled.

A: Link building spam of course!


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