DE 102: The WordPress Editor

WordPress is the digital empowerment tool the world’s been waiting for. Anyone can now publish to the internet, make a living, rise to fame, and … change the world.

All systems are go. Thank you WordPress.

I make WordPress based websites for businesses and bloggers. The main advantage of WordPress is that anyone can update their own content even without specialized knowledge and experience.

But it isn’t as easy as most hope. I fact, I end up doing most of the updating for people. The WordPress editor takes patience, practice and perserverence.

Unless you take this shortcut.


  • Time otherwise spent troubleshooting formatting and re-entering content.
  • Energy that you would otherwise spend learning from mistakes.
  • Money spent hiring people to do it all for you.

This guide goes through the basics of the WordPress editor

  • How it works
  • How the visual and HTML modes relate and the purpose of each
  • How your website’s final look comes to be

And shows how to format your content in the best way, including

  • Paragraphs
  • Links
  • Headings
  • Images
  • Embedded videos

A few tricks that can be performed in HTML mode

  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to work with the editor to sidestep timesucking flaws in the editor

It also explains CSS styling, how it relates to the editor, and introduces a few tricks for using CSS to display columns and breakout boxes


But if you’re relatively new to WordPress and want a head start, or are simply finding the editor causing you too many headaches for your liking, I guarantee you’ll quickly realise that you’ve made a wise investment.

Let’s say you’re not quite prepared to spend money on this guide. I understand because I’m also cautions with money these days. That’s why I’ve included a no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply contact me here, and let me know how I can get your money back to you.

Bonus videos!!!

As a thank you for trusting me with your precious 16.50, I’ve demonstrated

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100% up to date.

WordPress will improve, as it has over the years. This guide is an ongoing project and will be continually updated to reflect these changes, so your guide will always be up to date.

PDF and… digital!

You’ll receive your PDF copy, but also access to the digital copy of the guide that will expand as time goes on.

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