How to Find and Use great Photos for your Blog

I made this video, but to summarise, here’s the basic steps and concepts involved (holy crap – there are concepts involved?)

  • Visit Flickr
  • Search for a picture (ahh, here’s the concept! Don’t search for the literal subject – search for a metaphor. Eg- your topic relates to being “lost”… you could search for “crossroads,” “thinking,” “trail,” and look for an image that conveys the feel of your post – not merely illustrates the subject matter.
  • The image you see are mostly not available for re-use. You’ll have to select “advanced search” from under the search box.
  • On the advanced search page, scroll down and check the ‘creative commons’ option.
  • These are the pictures you can use.

Check out the video for a neat trick on getting the image on your blog without saving it to your computer!


2 thoughts on “How to Find and Use great Photos for your Blog

  1. Thanks for the tip Ali, I hadn’t thought of going straight to flickr. Perhaps I could even search the flickr albums of my photo-savvy friends, to give their work some extra exposure.

    I could have easily put a photo up of my tattoo in my last blog entry, if i’d thought of linking to my flickr page. It just seemed too hard at the time i was writing. Doh.

    The post will automatically link to flickr, thereby giving the photographer credit, right?

  2. Hi Lara

    Actually you just copy the hyperlinked author’s name and paste it in your blog post… such as on the right…

    And paste it somewhere in your body… along with “Photo by” or similar…. eg:

    Photo by aussiegall

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