How to setup WordPress as a website

If you’re thinking about using WordPress as a website, or wondering why some WordPress sites look like blogs and others like websites, this guide will help.

Posts and Pages

WordPress creates two basic types of webpages.

  • Posts are blog entries. They are created and edited in the same way as WordPress Pages are. But they’re part of the blog, and can be categorised and tagged. Your posts can be displayed on their own, like a Page, or as part of the blog, or listed on a category, tag or author page.
  • Pages are static and separate from the blog. This is how the web traditionally worked, and WordPress allows you to create a site with no blog posts if you wish.

By default, WordPress is setup as a blogging platform. However to change this to a traditional website platform, one small change is necessary.

How to make the change

  1. image Create a New Page and include what you want on your homepage. You don’t need to give this page a title, as homepages rarely have titles displayed. But you can. The will still exist in your Edit Pages, but “ no title”,” as seen on the right.
  2. Create a New Page called “Blog,” and save it without content.
  3. Visit Settings > Reading and select your no-title page as your static front page, and select your blog page as the posts page, as below.


Save settings and you’re done!


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