Uploading files (Media)

Here’s the complete guide.

General upload directions

imageThe basic way is to upload from the Media > Add New menu.

  • Open Add New from the Media menu.
  • Select your file – it will automatically upload
  • Information about the file will be automatically displayed when the upload is complete, including the File URL, which you can copy.

image You now have the location of your file to paste into a hyperlink.

You can never loose this link, it will always be accessible via Media > Library, where all uploads are listed chronologically. You can access their details (including URL) by clicking on their thumbnail.

Uploading from New Post/Page


You can upload images, video, audio or other files from the Upload tabs above your edit window (the tabs are laid out in that order).

These tabs open a popup window where you replicate the steps above – with the addition of the Insert Into Post option.

imageUploading images gives you access to special options for resizing, aligning and captioning the uploaded image. These are dealt with in the Images guide.

You can insert previously uploaded media from the Upload/Insert popup windows on the New Post/Page window, via the Library Tab.


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