Website services

This website is 100% a labour of love.

My bread and butter comes via web design and development and WordPress tuition.

If you’re getting started with an online venture, entrepreneurial or more brick-and-mortar (pixel-and-light), get in touch.


Everything you need to get rolling online. Hosting (your own account!), domain, email, website & blog… my websites are typically up within one or two days. Once I know what you need I’m very prompt! Add on free membership to the premium forum for ongoing WordPress tuition and support.  More details.

Freshen up your site to reflect more of you and your brand. I wave my HTML and CSS wand at your website! More info.

Know what to do but need a place to do it? I can install and host your site for $197 for the first two years, with an ongoing $50 a year. Includes 5gb hosting, email and free membership to the premium forum.    More info.

You’ll need Skype (you should have it anyway!) and TeamViewer for this. Get a head start, or build on what you know. $47 per hour. Book me!

Take your blogging to the next level – All your questions answered guaranteed. Ongoing WordPress tuition through a premium forum where you can discuss your online business freely in a private environment. Membership is currently half price ($18.50 per month) until the end of July 2010, while numbers fill up. More details.


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