Digital Empowerment For Business

Take a step in an empowered direction. I do effective, modern web 2.0 (it means ‘social’) websites, and take particular pleasure in helping businesses go digital.*

Base package – $888

Add (select each for a more detailed description):

  • MailChimp setup and integration, including custom HTML email template – $240
  • Facebook page
    • setup – $197
    • integration – $75
  • Content entry with formatting
    • plain page (straight up text and graphics) – $27
    • elaborate HTML page – $78
  • Custom Page Template – $169
    • $50 per additional function
  • Graphic work – $68/hr
  • Graphics sourcing and/or optimisation – $27 ea


My sites…

  • connect with Facebook, Twitter,
  • are live quickly
  • are affortable

More Info


The hosting I can provide is basic, but stable and more than suitable for graphic and text based websites like this one. Ali Dark is hosted on the exact same service so you know what you’re getting.

The servers are located in Textas, USA at Hostgator (one of the most reputable of the large hosting companies). Your website runs on its own account which means it is administered and backed up independently of the rest.

Space and Bandwidth

The included amount of space is 1gb which is ample for the all of my business and blogging clients, with leftover. Bandwidth is an ample 5gb. An additional 4gb space and 20gb bandwidth is available for clients an additional $150 per year.


An unlimited number of email addresses are included with your domain. However my service does not include support email hosting. What you’re advised to do is use a dedicated email service like Gmail in conjunction with ‘forwarding address’ emails. Services such as Gmail can be setup to send email on behalf of your own .com address. Setting this up is included in my service. Gmail is a high quality free email provider.

This is how I communicate so if you’ve been in touch with me, you’ll know how seamless it is.

Backups and Security

I run a complete, automatic fortnightly back for all clients. Cpanel itself is secure. However, I am not an expert in information security and my servers aren’t suitable for sensitive information (not that anyone I want to work with has sensitive information anyway, right?).


Hosting for the first year is included in the basic price of your website. Thereafter, you’ll be billed us$100 each year.

Content Management System

All my sites run on WordPress, which means they are super easy to manage, update, backup, style and, well, pay for (did you notice the low entry-point price?).

WordPress is an intuitive, simple but flexible CMS used by bloggers and web designers for many types of sites. When your site’s with WordPress, you’re a part of a global movement to high quality, open source, community driven and supported software. Congratulations!

Custom Visual, Branding-based Theme

A custom theme for your WordPress site is included in the basic package. But before I start on this, I need something from you: either a logo, or if you don’t have one, a fairly clear vision of how you want your site to look. The basic price doesn’t include conceptual design, or an unlimited number of redesigns. You need to know what you want. It’s not a case of seeing what I do and whether or not you like it.

*I work with all vegan businesses that do not produce or trade in products of animal origin. Please consider before contact.