What is WordPress Anyway

You’ve heard all about it. People are using it. It works. It’s easy. You should do it. You don’t know anything about it.

I know that feeling. I had it about Twitter (it’s simplicity was confusing me), CSS and HTML (the behind the scenes syntax that displays the internet) and other things that turned out to be fun, easy and useful.

What is WordPress?

It’s a great solution for a non-techie who wants to manage their own website, without compromising on quality.

Here’s a video where I do a little spiel and take you on a ride in the back end of WordPress – not much more than a glance but you’ll see how easy navigating the admin is.

If you’re not watching the above, basically, WordPress is an open source (free) framework for creating and managing websites. It works like this:

  • It is installed on a server, for example through a web-hosting  client admin area
  • Web pages and blog posts are written and publish from the WordPress admin. It’s like email or MS Word.
  • A visual theme is chosen and activiated, which determines the sizes, colours and shapes on your site.
  • The theme is separate from the content – you can change the text of a page without thinking about the whole page’s appearance.

Save time and money! Let me help you get started.


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