WordPress Websites

I do complete website/email/hosting packages based on WordPress over at www.WordPress-Business-Website.com.

Why is WordPress such a great solution for a soloists or small businesses?

It’s extremely cost effective – you can save thousands.

If you can use email, you’re ready to learn WordPress.

It’s SEO ready.

Just know your keywords and you’re almost there!

It’s Web 2.0 ready

More than just a standard content management system, it integrates everything you might need online, such as blogging, RSS, and social media integration. You can expand it with a multitude of free and effective plugins to accomplish basically anything you need.

It empowers you

You can publish and edit webpages and blog  posts without expensive help. Once I get you started and you have access to all my tutorials, it’s not difficult to save a lot of money by doing things yourself. I do offer extensive support to all my clients though

It looks great.

I include a personalised, branded custom design with the price of your website. But as a WordPress user you automatically have access to thousands of themes for you to switch between.

If you need any level of help with your WordPress website – from small tweaks to a fully featured website and blog, visit me at www.WordPress-Business-Website.com for more info.


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